UX Design

With Thera, Cypress can centralize and organize data points from all solar farms through a simple and clean interface.

Zaga is a team that perfectly mixes the ingenuity of software engineering with the purpose and focus of product design.

Rick WongCypress Creek Renewables


With more than three hundred columns by two thousand rows across thousands of collaborative spreadsheets, Cypress Creek Renewables was finding it almost impossible to handle all the data points produced by their more than 1.2+ gigawatts of solar farm properties.


It started as a pilot three years ago, and today we continue to evolve Thera and expand it to other parts of the Cypress business. We are thrilled to have gained their trust through real value delivery.


Meter Platform 1.5, MongoDB, Angular 4, Material Design, HandsonTable (data visualization), SASS styling, Typescript to JS